Best Places To Watch March Madness In Denver (Sweet 16 & elite 8 baby!)

Society Sports and Spirits

Photo courtesy of Wil Evans, the man himself

Society has some of the best seating geared toward sports fans with a fantastic atmosphere! They can show up to 16 games with sound on their 28 flat screens, and have recently built a “fan cave” and a sports-books style TV wall. Fun fact: Wil, the owner, is a good friend of mine and fellow Mile High Sports Radio host (check out his show “Bet Mile High” Monday through Friday on 98.1 FM from 2-3pm for the latest sports odds). They’ve got a lot of great game-time items on their menu, but if you know what’s good for you, you’ll order their endless wings for $33, get the dry rub, you’re welcome!!

Team affiliations: Arkansas predominantly – but if you’re a Houston fan this is your spot in town!

  • Houston s. Oregon State 3/29 at 5:15pm (Elite 8)
  • Arkansas vs. Baylor: 3/29 at 7:57 pm (Elite 8)

Stoney’s Bar & Grill

Photo courtesy of

Stoney’s is the perfect place if you want to have a conversation and hear the game. The staff is amazing and friendly, and they have a good options for beer on tap. They have two locations: one downtown off Lincoln and 11th, and one Uptown – I hit up both! Both locations have a Brunch menu and a great selection of sandwiches and burgers- If you’re into spicy I dare you to try the Inferno Burger, with ghost pepper aioli, sriracha, and grilled jalapenos. 

Team affiliations: Kansas – but unfortunately they were upset by USC 85-51 and didn’t make the Sweet 16, so if you’re a sports fan just looking to catch some games without a strong pull towards one team, Stoney’s has you covered.

Tap & Burger

Photo courtesy of

The Tap & Burger at Sloan’s Lake is known for its gourmet spin on bar food favorites. The Mac and Cheese, for example, features a blend of Gruyere, aged Cheddar, and Pilsner beer parmesan bread crumbs. You can also build a burger that includes a double-smashed grass-fed beef patty, white truffle aioli, or bourbon bacon jam. Sorry, I almost forgot that we were talking about sports! One of my favorite things about Sloan’s Lake Tap & Burger is that it’s a great place to catch a game without an overwhelming atmosphere – if you’re going for the vibe of “I want to sort of know what’s going on, but I’m not trying to analyze every play and get beer spilled on me” they’ve nailed it.

Jackson’s LoDo

Photo courtesy of

Jackson’s in LoDo is a great spot for a beer and a tasty meal any day of the week, but they go a step further in catering to sports fans. Multiple TVs make it easy to hear and see the game from the bar or tables. Go with friends, grab a drink, and share a plate of their green chili cheese fries or Nacho Grande. If you’re trying to catch an earlier game they have a great brunch options too! They renovated their roof top not too long ago, plenty of outdoor seating and some cabana options for larger groups – and of course, they have a jumbo big screen tv outside.

Team affiliations: this spot tends to draw crowds supporting Oregon. If you’re an Oregon alum, or just rooting on the Pac 12 (since they’re dominating the tourney), Oregon tips off against USC today, Sunday, 3/28 at 7:45pm for the final matchup of the Sweet 16.

Blake Street Tavern 

Photo courtesy of

Blake Street Tavern is a household name in Denver and is arguably one of the best sports bars in Denver (no, really, they’ve won awards). They have great happy hour deals that include drink specials for single cans and pitchers of beer to keep the whole table going while watching the game on one of their many flat screen TVs. They also have an extensive menu that caters to all tastes, whether you’re looking for standard bar fare like wings and nachos or something more healthy, like an order of hummus or buffalo chicken salad – I like to straddle the healthy/bar fare line and go with their cobb salad with fried chicken and a side of buffalo sauce 🙂

Team affiliations: Blake Street draws fans of USC, Creighton, Michigan, Syracuse, and Gonzaga. But, of course, everyone is welcome.

  • Creighton vs. Gonzaga: 3/28 at 12:10pm (Sweet `16
  • Michigan vs. Florida State: 3/28 at 3:00pm (Sweet 16)
  • USC vs. Oregon: 3/28 at 7:45pm (Sweet 16)

College Inn

Photo courtesy of

College Inn is a cozy venue with all the staples needed to enjoy a game: atmosphere, TV’s with great sound, beer, and delicious food. They also have great deals on craft beer during their Happy Hour from 4-7pm.

Team affiliations: if you support Alabama… You can Roll Tide here!

  • Alabama vs. UCLA: 3/28 at 5:15pm (Sweet 16)

Brother’s Bar & Grill

Photo courtesy of

The Brother’s Bar downtown has the feel of an Old English Pub. They have been a Denver staple since they opened in 1967, providing a cozy atmosphere and great food to watch the game. If you’re from Denver many people know this spot as the old Real World House from 2006 – talk about a throwback. Their shareables are off the charts: the Gator Balls are chunks of chicken breast wrapped in bacon, stuffed with pepper jack cheese and jalapenos, and deep fried to crunchy, gooey perfection. 

Brother’s has a location at the Shops at Northfield as well. It has excellent outdoor seating with firepits and the same menu. 

Team affiliations: FSU

  • Florida State vs. Michigan: 3/28 at 3:00pm (Sweet 16)

Choppers Sports Grill

Photo courtesy of

Choppers has been recognized by numerous outlets as the “Best Sports Bar in Denver.” They have 30 HD TV’s and a 165” Video Wall, so it is virtually impossible to miss the winning shot. The atmosphere is fun, with a great sense of camaraderie among the fans. In addition to their delicious spin on classic bar favorites like nachos and wings, they also have a selection of wraps and flatbreads for a lighter but still-satisfying meal.

Viewhouse at the Ballpark

Photo courtesy of

Viewhouse is famous for its rooftop seating and yard games. All of their locations are massive, and you have about a 100% chance of seeing a tv from wherever you sit. They have an extensive menu that includes Brunch, and their Happy Hour options are some of the best in town. If you’re not in the mood for one of their craft beers, try a Wine & Board: pick a bottle of red or white and choose from a selection of three delicious flatbreads. Yum. They’ll have all the games on this weekend – whether you’re college team is still in the tournament or you’re rooting on whoever you randomly picked to win for your office bracket challenge 😉

Viewhouse has four locations now: Downtown, Littleton, Centennial & Colorado Springs – a good time no matter what part of town you’re in!

Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill

Photo courtesy of

When you hear the word “gastropub,” fish and chips and soccer hooligans might come to mind. And while you can certainly enjoy a good Scotch Egg and cheer on Manchester at the Thirsty Lion, you can also catch any sports game you like and enjoy a wide selection of unexpected and delightful food: braised pork belly ramen and garlic sesame edamame? Why not! I think this is a great spot to be in the sports mix, but not full-send, in the mix for the casual March Madness fan.

Cherry Cricket

Photo courtesy of The Cherry Cricket’s Instagram page

Burgers, brews, and good times since 1945.” That about sums this place up! Their relaxed atmosphere is perfect for watching the game and enjoying one of their amazing burgers. Choose your patty and add from a list of over 50 toppings, including peanut butter, Fritos, or a chile relleno! Be sure to ask what their soup of the day is. They have two locations: their original spot in Cherry Creek as well as a second location in Denver’s Ballpark neighborhood. Their Cherry Creek location in particular has a fantastic outdoor dining area, perfect for social distancing, with a tent and tv’s set up for all your sports watching needs! Grab a brew, pull up a seat and enjoy March Madness all month here (and into April!)

Historians Ale House

Photo courtesy of Historian’s Instagram page

Historians has a huge selection of wine and spirits to pair with your meal, which might feature classics like wings and burgers, or something more surprising like an ahi tuna bowl or spaghetti squash. And, of course, they are an ale house, so they have an impressive selection of beer-on-tap. They also have a delicious brunch menu for the earlier games. Get there early to snag a spot of the roof top close to the tv’s – or if you don’t want to keep a close watch on the score they have plenty of tables available to hang out and be in the mix still!

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